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"Global spending on virtual goods reached more than $100 billion."


Our Process

We generate a unique identifier, called a unique geometry thumbprint (UGT), by thoroughly examining and recording the specific attributes of meshes, allowing for quick and accurate comparisons of assets and libraries.

Our AI model utilizes advanced algorithms to scrutinize 2D texture maps of assets and libraries, uncovering instances of stolen art or unauthorized replicas.

We utilize sophisticated AI algorithms to systematically search and identify any form of inappropriate content.

Our AI system is trained to safeguard all brand intellectual property by systematically scanning to detect and prevent instances of brand mark and design infringement or theft.

By scanning and recording the distinct properties of assets, our AI enables rapid creation  of categories for library management and generates descriptions for marketplace storefronts.

API Integration

"Brands must start thinking about how to protect their goods in 3D and digital spaces."


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