Discord is Calling

Discord rose to popularity with some major thanks due to the eruption of streaming fandoms, but the social platform has also succeeded at finding, planting, and nurturing solid roots in many creative, technical, and educational facets of digital culture. Whether you are a web3 enthusiast, a curious tourist, or prefer the “if it ain’t broke…” approach and are perfectly fine with web2, there is a Discord server for you.

Discord’s platform is so user friendly that many companies are even implementing it as a business connectivity tool, abandoning popular applications like Microsoft Teams or Slack. You can even hang out with your friends in voice chat, or video chat, and do pretty much anything that you’d do online, with them. Share your screen, game together, watch a movie, it’s completely up to you. The amount of versatility that Discord offers is unique.

The platform is ad free, customizable, and has plenty of plug-ins to explore. No sponsored posts, no curious feed algorithm, and no internet points. Discord users are not there for praise, they’re there for conversation. Want to join the conversation as well?

Head below to explore a few of our team’s favorite servers.

Backed by Y-Combinator and a16z, Buildspace provides free access to high quality learning tools, including a community of motivated, likeminded developers who genuinely want to grow web3. Over 60,000 builders of various skill levels are actively working on projects in parallel with one another. 

This server is largely frequented by global devs and is the perfect place to track your progress or request feedback on your work. To begin your Buildspace journey, you must select a project that you are interested in working on.

A full list of projects is available on Buildspace’s website.

3D Art Discord
Looking for artistic inspiration, new 3D artist friends, or simply enjoy browsing a wide range of creative work? This server may become your next favourite digital hangout.

Bursting with colour, life, and over 23,000 members, 3D Art Discord is exactly what it sounds like. The 3D specific server offers numerous helpful resources, raw asset downloads, and several voice chat channels that you can join while designing, relaxing, or learning. Check it out for yourself!

For the multidisciplinary creative, Continuum welcomes a range of web3 professionals. Content creators, marketers, illustrators, animators… You name it. All you have to do is scan recent members’ introductions to gain a sense of the professional range among users.

Continuum’s moderation efforts are difficult to match, both in organization and user support. The server provides access to exclusive courses and learning content for self development. It even has an app that further enables you to earn Continuum tokens for completing courses.

This is the largest study and productivity server on Discord, as well as one of the overall largest servers. Boasting over 400,000 members, with 25,000-50,000 often active at one time, it can be a little hectic for beginners. Once you decipher the long list of channels available to join, the server becomes a great study, productivity, or connectivity tool.

You are instantly joined by thousands of students, or professionals, working on their learning and concentration skills. 

Channels include study tips, accomplishments, motivation, accountability, venting, and many further options, including starting your own study group. In addition to text channels, users hang out in screen, or voice chats, enjoying shared playlists or helpful conversation.

[Insert Your Niche Interests Here]
We are willing to bet that whatever you are into has its own Discord server. After all, that’s the magic of the internet, isn’t it; Learning that we are more similar to one another than we could have imagined without the instant, unprecedented connectivity that it has given us. The best communities to join are the ones you care about.

Community is at the core of digital development. We are thrilled to be watching so many vibrant web communities growing and elevating one another along the way. Did we miss your favorite server? Let us know!

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