UGC is Exploding, Moderation is not

From games, to marketplaces, to the Metaverse, 3D content is becoming an integral part of our online experience and user-generated content (UGC) is at the heart of it all.

While platforms rely on UGC to build vibrant communities, moderation teams are struggling to keep up with the volume of assets due to antiquated, reactive tools. 

The lack of software to proactively moderate and authenticate 3D content leaves both creators and platforms vulnerable to theft, plagiarism, and infringement.    

The Next Frontier: AI-Powered Moderation

Reduce Costs &
Human Moderation

Protect Creator
& Partner IP

Create Safe & Civil
Online Environments

Risk & Liability

Uplift Creator Communities

Discourage Bad Actors & Harmful Behavior

Scalable Real-Time Analysis and Comparison

Without the right tools and software, 3D content is complex, difficult, if not impossible to moderate.

Our proprietary technology is supplemented by AI Security features to provide a simple and proactive solution that increases accuracy, efficiency, and speed while supporting human moderator health and wellness.

Asset Upload

Proactive Moderation

Findings and Insights Delivered

Vulnerability Mitigated

How It Works


Our frictionless API seamlessly integrates into your existing ingestion pipeline, offering immediate moderation support with no disruption or back-end bloat.


You understand your business best. Set API control parameters and moderation fence posts to regulate how and which 3D assets enter your ingestion pipeline.


Our proprietary technology leverages AI security features to real-time analyze and compare the unique properties of 3D meshes and textures against your asset library for theft, plagiarism, and infringement.


Analysis results are generated on how new content stacks up against your asset library. We provide the data, you control how and when moderation decisions are made.


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Online Marketplaces


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Avatar Wearables & Digital Fashion

API Integration

Asset moderation in a box. Our API uses the power of AI to seamlessly integrate into any existing asset ingestion pipeline – providing lightning fast moderation results.

Our Team

We strive to make moderation more efficient, secure, and cost-effective, so businesses can focus on what they do best.

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