Automate UGC Moderation

Secur3D is AI-driven proprietary 3D asset analysis, moderation, and authentication, cloud-based software.


Protect and safeguard UGC creator communities, platforms/games, and marketplaces from IP and copyright infringement.

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UGC is exploding,
moderation capabilities are not

From games, to marketplaces, to the Metaverse, 3D content is becoming an integral part of our online experience and UGC is at the heart of it all.

While platforms rely on UGC to build vibrant communities, moderation teams are struggling to keep up with the volume of assets due to antiquated, reactive tools.

The lack of software to proactively analyze, moderate, and authenticate 3D assets leaves creators platforms, and marketplaces vulnerable to IP and copyright theft.

Scalable, automated, analysis & comparison

Without the right mesh and texture tools, 3D assets are too complex, if not impossible to validate for authenticity.

Secur3D provides a simple and proactive asset moderation solution that increases accuracy, efficiency, and speed, ultimately reducing human moderation effort and cost.

Asset Upload

Proactive Moderation

Findings and Insights Delivered

Vulnerability Mitigated


Built to support and protect IP & UGC across interactive experiences

Level up your capabilities,
save time and money

Reduce Human Moderation Costs

Protect Creator
& Partner IP

Create Safe & Civil Ecosystems

Mitigate Against
Risk & Liability

Uplift Creator Communities

Discourage Bad Actors
& Harmful Behavior

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